• 10/07/2024 6:30:28 AM

MVNOs World Congress 2024 wrap-up: a bright future ahead

Five panellists sitting down in individual armchairs on stage at MVNOs World Congress 2024. They are sitting in front of a large MVNOs World Congress screen.

MVNOs World Congress 2024 was a powerhouse of innovation, insights, and forward-thinking discussions. This year’s event, held in the vibrant city of Brussels, brought together industry leaders, tech innovators, and market disruptors from across the globe – and SourseAI was right in the thick of the action! We even walked as proud winners of the coveted Cloud-based Solution of the Year!

It was a real melting pot of ideas, all focussed on the hottest topics and future trends in the mobile and telco sectors. From the enormous interest in AI to the groundbreaking innovation in tech and business strategy, the event certainly provided a great overview of the current state and future trajectory of the industry. The Congress highlighted the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of the mobile and telco space.

In this article, we take a quick look at some of the key takeaways from MVNOs World Congress 2024, exploring how these insights may shape the future of the industry and drive growth. Whether you attended the event or not, we’re here to give you a front-row seat to the breakthrough ideas and trends that are defining the landscape right now!

The outlook is good

The outlook for mobile operators and telcos is promising with global growth in the sector on the rise and emerging markets showing tremendous potential. Differentiation is driving this expansion across various markets, including the emergence of neo-telcos and the sub-brand strategies implemented by many of the major operators.

Right now, Australia’s MVNO growth rate stands at a robust 9%, while other markets boast impressive figures between 20-50%, as highlighted by Dario Talmesio from Omdia.  

Particularly noteworthy is the growth in Latin America and Africa, with Asia anticipated to be the next significant region for expansion. The global representation at the MVNOs World Congress was impressive, contributing to an overall successful and insightful conference.


Key takeaways from MVNOs World Congress 2024

AI: so hot right now

AI was undoubtedly the most discussed topic at this year’s MVNOs World Congress. While SourseAI took AI to the event last year, there’s no question the interest in its capabilities has soared to new heights in 2024, with attendees eager to explore its potential. The big questions on everyone’s lips? “What’s the business case for adoption?” and “How do we get started?”.

eSIMs and IoT: innovation on the horizon

eSIM technology was a hot topic, with discussions extending beyond just traveller use cases to innovative applications, particularly in the IoT domain. The potential for eSIMs to revolutionise connectivity and provide seamless experiences was a significant point of interest.

Monetising 5G: a strategic focus

The monetisation of 5G was another prominent theme. BT presented an impressive roadmap for network investment and innovation, showcasing various use cases for different network technologies and how to effectively leverage 5G to drive revenue and enhance customer experiences.


What had us talking: business cases to drive value

For the SourseAI team, the Congress allowed us to have many interesting conversations with people and share several business cases that highlighted different brands and industries that drive value through data and AI.

Talking points that proved particularly compelling included:

1. Decision agility from the start

Starting with decision agility ensures that data drives decisions around Proposition, Product, Pricing, Packaging, and Marketing. The focus here is on reducing waste by being precise and targeted, while the key takeaway is for businesses to prioritise focus and efficiency from the beginning, leveraging data to make informed decisions that streamline operations and enhance value.

2. Imperfect data can still yield big gains

Waiting for perfect data is a common pitfall. Part of our discussions was on emphasising that significant gains can be achieved even without perfect data. However, there are some lessons to be learnt, including:

  • The importance of investing in a data lake or CDP, preferably one with decision tools, to ensure data readiness.
  • Move away from heavy reliance on IT or Operations for data reports and instead foster a culture where everyone is a data user.

The business case here revolves around identifying value drivers and introducing optimisation at every opportunity.

3. Combining volume and value with AI

Scaling decisions to continuously adopt data at scale, with a focus on action and continuous improvement, is vital. An agile decision-making framework, coupled with strong partnerships and a shared dataset central to all strategic planning and sprints, is essential. The business case here is to achieve simultaneous improvement and waste reduction across all fronts.

Wrapping up

The MVNOs World Congress 2024 was a huge success. Not only did it highlight the growth and potential within the sector, but it also reiterated the value and appetite for AI-driven insights and innovation. SourseAI is at the forefront of this and we’re more excited than ever to keep redefining the landscape and empowering mobile providers and telcos to leverage AI and data to reach new heights.

For those we didn’t get a chance to meet at the event, we’d love to connect!
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